Cara Koolmees

“My Southern California roots inspire the bold saturated color of my watercolor paintings. While I seek to evoke my feelings of “nouns” (persons, places, and things), I do not try to recreate, but to record how the subjects’ color touches me. Using yellow-based pigment to begin my painting, I try to convey a warm sunny glow throughout. I am more interested in happy feelings than in a somber, moody piece. Excitement describes my initial beginning and I try to continue that energy throughout the painting. I do not rely on spatial interpretations to define my pictures, but rather use color and line to move the eye around my composition. Included in my treatments are details put in as loosely and simply as possible. I am intrigued with buildings, as owners think of them as their “babies”. I interpret them as building portraits. I do love the beach as I grew up seeing people on the beach and in the water. It renews in me the whimsical, colorful side of us. I would like to invite the viewer to come inside my paintings and take a look around instead of standing outside observing from a distance.”