“We have a little something for everyone, and new stuff in everyday. We remake old pieces, have the occasional antique, and stuff the shop to the gills with all things curious and neat. We work hard to keep our prices affordable, and are willing to discuss trades when then occasion arrives.

We offer classes on all the things we do in the shop, and we will help you find a unique piece you may be looking for.

We have a book-share for your enjoyment to pass time while your children create priceless works of art, or while your significant other is trying on every piece of clothing four times. The book-share operates on a take a book/leave a book policy. Books are not for sale, and not all books are available to be taken. (hey, we’re attached to some of them!)

We offer free Wifi and free coffee available for your convenience.”

290 25th St Suite 101
Ogden, Utah 84401