Kim Harbath

Community nomination:

Kim Harbath. Last year Kim held a free community dinner that fed over 350 people in 2012 and rose to over 900 in 2013 and gave away around 1250 pieces of warm clothing,  75 hair cuts , 600 hygiene kits and  400 bags of pet food- in the inner-city Ogden community. She spent almost 100 hours of her own time calling organizations in the community to get volunteers and donations, and ended up providing all of the attendees with a really nice spaghetti dinner at the Marshall White center. Not only did the attendees enjoy dinner and music- but many of them were able to spend a few hours inside a warm building enjoying a full meal served to them by volunteers. This was something many of these people don’t get to enjoy often. She is known for being a “mover and shaker” in the community, and has touched many lives in a way that is unforgettable. This year she plans to serve over 650 people and has organizations lined up to provide the food and resources needed to make it happen. She definitely deserves recognition for her amazing acts of kindness, and is an amazing woman who gives back to the community selflessly.